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About T+T

The T+T "Brand"

T+T Hangtag We chose the two ancient craftsman's trades of the tanner and the tailor as a substitute for a fancy brand name, because they perfectly illustrate our values and our service concept. A tanner is responsible for leather processing. He carefully selects the most suitable raw materials and turns them into different kinds of fine leather. A tailor is dedicated to the specific concerns and needs of his individual customers. Off-the-shelf articles are not found in him, because he carefully crafts each piece individually for each customer. Thus, not only his products but also the service and advice are tailored to the personal needs of each client.

We at T+T are also working in this sense. Thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, our customers have the unique opportunity to influence the design and manufacturing process of their products.

Great Quality Products Directly From The Manufacturer

Usually there are various wholesalers and distributors standing between customer and manufacturer, making it difficult to establish direct contact. Furthermore the manufacturers are often not really interested in the opinion of their customers, despite all market-research efforts. At Tanner and Tailor the e-mails from customers literally directly end up in the production department.

We are convinced that products become better, when you listen to the views of clients and cooperate with them! This direct connection makes all the difference! We didn't start with the simple business idea to sell custom bags and then went searching for suitable manufacturers, we have the production facility and wanted to connect directly with the customers.

The move to the Internet was merely the logical consequence of current developments, which are already changing more and more fields of business all over the world. We believe that the justification for the purchase of a product should never be: "Because everybody has/uses/wears it", but rather "because it is good/functional/beautiful!". Otherwise, in the end no one knows why the item was bought in the first place and everyone just followed the decision of the others without thinking...